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Image source (publication server of TU Braunschweig)

1835 — Company GEHE

The merchant Franz Ludwig Gehe (1810 - 1882) founded the "Drogerie- & Farbewaren-Handlung Gehe & Comp." On May 1, 1835 in Dresden. In 1860, GEHE set up a production plant for the manufacturing of chemical and pharmaceutical preparations on Leipziger Strasse in Dresden. 

1903 — GEHE & Co. 

The public limited company GEHE & Co. is founded. In 1909 the new commercial building (see photo) was completed and is still today the production building of Menarini von Heyden GmbH.

1951— VEB Arzneimittelwerk Dresden

The nationalised head office of the Dr. Madaus & Co. pharmaceutical factory will be merged with the expropriated Dresden head office of Gehe & Co. ( VEB Heilchemie) to form the VEB Arzneimittelwerk.

1990 — Arzneimittelwerk Dresden in the free market economy 

ASTA Medica, a pharmaceutical subsidiary of Degussa AG, takes over the pharmaceutical plant from Treuhand. A far-reaching restructuring process begins with numerous modernization and rebuilding projects for pharmaceutical production and research & development. After further restructuring of ASTA Medica, AWD.pharma becomes an independent company for a short time and concentrates on pharmaceutical production.

2001 — AWDpharma acquired by PLIVA Kroatien 

In order to continue the growth strategy of the Croatian pharmaceutical company PLIVA on the German market, the modem and future-oriented AWDpharma is acquired. 

2006 — sale to Italian Menarini-Gruppe 

In 2006, the Menerini Group, largest Italian pharmaceutical company, purchased the pharmaceutical production of AWD.pharma GmbH & Co. KG. In future, the company will operate under the name Menarini - Von Heyden.